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Beijing Bo Kang Gene Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Changping Park, Zhongguancun Science and technology park. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Liankang Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd. registered in China. The company's business strategy is to ensure that the company's main product (voriconazole tablets), which is the best-selling product in the production and sales market, can generate normal income, while vigorously developing advanced biopharmaceutical technology.
Beijing bokangjian Gene Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to become one of the backbone enterprises in China's biopharmaceutical industry. In order to achieve this goal, the company first consolidated its daily earnings by producing and selling chemicals with great market potential, and invested heavily in the research and development of exclusive DNA recombinant drugs. The third phase of clinical application of the company's new products recombinant insulin-4 and recombinant human tripeptide (rhPTH1-34) has ended. It is planned to pass the GMP certification and enter into formal production in 2019, with the output value reaching the goal of single product sales of more than 100 million.

fringe benefits:

1. Free accommodation + working lunch + subsidy + full attendance bonus + year-end bonus + Social Security + Provident Fund + paid training + development + physical examination + annual leave + welfare leave + birthday card + holiday welfare + tourism + chairman award + excellent employee award + ten year gold medal service award and various activities.
2. Working hours are 8:30-12:00, 1:00-5:00, two-day, paid annual leave and national statutory holidays.
3. Enterprises can settle Beijing hukou.

contact information:

Address: No.7, Xinghuo street, Changping Science and Technology Park, Beijing

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